How we got started

CANNA I HEAL U is the brain child of Trevor Parkinson, Owned solely by him and his wife, Roxanne. Trevor has been doing research for years long before starting canna I heal u, With Spa d'Ambiance as the head distribution company.

He, as a multiple cancer survivor, knowledge of the herb and his education of biochemistry - formulated multiple blends for different conditions consisting of different strains from around the world and in Africa.

Trevor fought his last battle of cancer and finally realized that pharmaceuticals were just damaging his body!! - natural is the way to go

Canna I heal U - promises products from plant to end product, with high quality ingredients. With a lot of our products being vegan friendly, we also do not test on animals.

Our team consists of Smaller independent distributors across Africa and Worldwide.

Trevor and his team hope to continue providing the world with great oils and natural products.