Another great story from one of our supporters...

“I’d like to share this with you. Today my dog had a fit. He had never had one before (according to my knowledge and as far as I am aware). I don’t know what caused it, he was just laying relaxed next to me on my bed when it happened. I panicked and got such a fright, i just rubbed him and spoke softly to him. I had called my mom and we both did the same, but the fit continued. And suddenly I just felt the urge to give him some of my Cannabis oil. Not a lot, a basic pin head smudge of it (real tiny bit). His jaw was so stiff i couldn’t get it on his tongue. So I just rubbed it on his gum. And it wasn’t even 4 counts, when his whole body started relaxing and his heartbeat became better. I let him lay in his bed for a while, cos the oil made him a little loopy, but an hour or so after he slept for a while, he was back to his normal self.”