10/07/2019. Breast Cancer and TB. “I had started my chemo already when I contacted you for a protocol.  My hair was falling out but I wasn’t concerned.  I started on the protocol and within a few days I didn’t feel as bad as I had before when I went for the chemo treatment.

I didn’t tell the oncologist that I was using Cannabis, I don’t think he was the type to approve.  When I went for my next test he was SO surprised to find that there is no trace of the Breast cancer.

He actually said to me ’Well it will pop up somewhere else, that’s what it does.’  It is now 5 months down the line and still nothing.

The TB is also totally under control and even though I don’t smoke I bought a vape and used the Vape liquid to be sure that it would get to all the right places.

I am very pleased at the outcome.”