Arthritis in hands, feet and spine, post nasal drip and daily headaches.

“My salt craving was the first thing that I noticed was gone. Suddenly my food was too salty.

I suddenly noticed after 6 weeks that my arthritis pain in my hands was gone!  I was so surprised and delighted.  The pleasure of not having sore feet and hands and less pain in my back than before is the most fantastic thing that could have happened. I can walk comfortably even in the cold and don’t have to try and hide my hands all the time.


My headaches are gone!! This is a blessing. I used to take around 100 Adco-dol a month, it was so bad that I would start taking the toxic pills just after I woke up. Believe me, I had tried many things over the years with no luck but with the protocol It just went, gone *poof* no more headaches – it’s just like magic.”