“Baylee had a rough start to life as she was born with senile cataracts and only had maybe 10% vision… I was determined that she would have a normal life so off we went to the JHB Animlal Eye Hospital in Fourways for a consultation. At that stage she was too young for surgery and we had to wait a month or so until she was 6 months old. At 6 months she had surgery in both eyes to remove the lenses and cataracts. The vets were shocked at how bad her eyes really were but the operation was a success and she got to learn and see new things.


We were warned that she would always be at risk of developing glaucoma if the pressure in her eyes were not kept at a certain height. To control and prevent this she was put onto 3 different eye drops daily. This worked well for a while until she had problems with her one eye which kept going blue due to the development of glaucoma. We managed again for a few months with a change in the eye drops. Then in March this year her pressure in her one eye spiked terribly to 68! This was not good news as the specialist vet said that I had a week to get the pressure down below 20 or they would need to remove her eye. I was devastated! I couldn’t let my little girl lose her eye after all she has been through. 


I had been doing research on Cannabis and its medicinal effects because I had an ill family member when I came across Cannabis for pets. So I did some research into this and after receiving the news of the possibility of my little girl losing her eye I figured I had nothing to lose. All the feedback I found was positive and the treatment is simple with great results. I placed my first order and started Baylee on her CannaPet journey. After 3 days of the CannaPet treatment we went back to the specialist for a pressure check. 


Imagine the surprise when the pressure had dropped to 17!! Even the vet was amazed and asked how I managed that. I simply replied: CannaPet… The vet is completely happy with the new treatment. Baylee has her CannaPet daily as well as the Infused Glycerine drops and she is doing amazing with no pressure problems. This amazing product has been an absolute saviour for us and I am so grateful that she still has her eye… I would honestly recommend medicinal cannabis to anyone… the effects are phenomenal.”

-Kerry Rimmer