“Riley, my beautiful Jack Russell was diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes.

The first month we were back and forth to the vet and within 3 weeks since he was diagnosed they removed one lens and told me the second eye/lens will go soon after… Meaning, had to remove the second lens to save the eye.

We had nothing to lose and my dog walker mentioned other dog owners were on the same canna treatment with miraculous results!

Well, it’s almost a year later and his eye pressure’s stable each time I visit the Vet… They’re quite surprised about his progress… So, something’s doing its job and can only point to the Canna-OIL / Treatment!

He’s on no other meds and was supposed to take Cosopt drops twice a day, however, currently he’s only on the Canna-Drops/Oil and I’m happy to report he’s doing very well!”

-Lody Terblanche