“My 8-year old staffie  “Kabous“ was diagnosed for bladder cancer in January 2018.

The vet suggested we castrate him to ease the pain. He was given not more than 6 months to live. He had numerous tumours on the lower part of his body and it manifested as open wounds on his groin.

We decided against castration and to rather follow a natural treatment.

We started with the 3-months Cannabis protocol. We also put him on the “Budwig diet”. We added fresh vegetables and brown rice to his diet although we couldn’t afford to completely remove the commercial pet food. We also kept him on a chronic parasite cleanse that involved wormwood, black walnut and garlic.

After 8 months all the tumours were gone (from what we could see). Where he was sick and passive and was unable to jump up and down the bakkie, he was now doing again with ease.

Thanks for all your support and advice!

Keep on doing what you are doing, you are changing people’s lives!”

-Rentia Greyvenstein